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Интернет-аукцион интернет-аукцион №1
эффективно знакомим покупателей с продавцами
- мобильные телефоны
- ноутбуки
- компьютеры
- электроника
- бытовая техника
- коллекционирование
- спорт
- отдых путешествия
- нумизматика
- антиквариат
- CD DVD диски
- книги
- автомобили запчасти
- дизайн
- строительство
- курсы уроки
- компьютерные игры
- косметика
- ювелирные изделия
- парфюмерия
- недвижимость
- одежда
Интернет-аукцион интернет-аукцион №1
мы ближе всех -
удобней от российских,
проще от иностранных
Українська версія
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• search can be performed by keywords, phrases, or parts of words
• only one keyword (keyphrase) should be typed into the search form window
• search engine finds sequence of letters matching your query in titles, URLs, descriptions and keywords of all sites records
• for better search results type queries in Ukrainian, Russian and English

The search engine does not perform morphological analysis of requests. Search result will contain sites with records matching the words in your query. To get more complete search results type the keywords without ending.

Example: search by the word "surg" gives the site records with the words: neurosurgery, lymphosurgery, surgeon, surgical, etc.

The search does not depend on the letter case.

Example:  requests "Test", "test" or "TEST" are equal and give identical results.

For complete search one should perform separate searches using the keyword in three languages: Ukrainian, Russian and English, because site records are not necessarily presented in three languages.

Example:: to find all language versions you should perform three separate searches by queries: surgery, хірургія , хирургия.

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