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The UKRMED Directory contains the biggest collection of medical and health related sites in Ukraine and is the most perspective resource in this field. Detailed subcategories structure and search engine of the Directory make it possible to find required information easily. Directory audience consists mostly of users directly related to medicine:
• physicians, interested in current medical information;
• patients, who require some medical services or information on health care and support;
• health related Internet resources owners;
• medical products and equipment producers and dealers;
• pharmaceutical companies and dealers;
• representatives of governmental health care organizations;
• professors and students of medical educational establishments, etc.

Only medical related advertisements can be placed in the UKRMED Directory. Such advertisement is most efficient, as it provides direct contact with wide audience of specific users. Additional opportunity to place the advertisement in chosen subcategories is foreseen.

Advertisement is placed in form of 468X60 and 100x100 banners or small text blocks.

Main page of the site may contain statically placed banners or text blocks. All other pages may contain dynamically placed advertisement. Direct placement of advertisement in specific subcategories (for example: Medical Software, Cosmetology, Pharmacy > Drugstores, Lviv, etc.) is also foreseen. Besides advertisement can be placed in the "New additions to the UKRMED Directory" mailing list.

You will be able to get statistics of your banners views and clicks online (hourly, daily, CTR, hosts, etc.)

Advertisement placing costs
  text blocks 468х60 banners 100х100 banners
• Statical advertisement placing on the UKRMED site title page. $10/week $15/week $10/week  
• Dynamic advertisement placing on all other pages, except the title page. $5/1000 shows $7/1000 shows $5/1000 shows  
• Dynamic advertisement placing in specific subcategories on all other pages, except the title page.. $10/1000 shows $15/1000 shows $10/1000 shows  
• Advertisement in the "New additions to the UKRMED Directory" mailing list. $2/1 mailing $3/1 mailing $2/1 mailing  
Note: Minimum advertisement placing order price is $10.

If you want to place your advertisemet in the UKRMED Directory, contact
f.a.q. maillist advertisement banners contact search:  

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