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Интернет-аукцион интернет-аукцион №1
эффективно знакомим покупателей с продавцами
- мобильные телефоны
- ноутбуки
- компьютеры
- электроника
- бытовая техника
- коллекционирование
- спорт
- отдых путешествия
- нумизматика
- антиквариат
- CD DVD диски
- книги
- автомобили запчасти
- дизайн
- строительство
- курсы уроки
- компьютерные игры
- косметика
- ювелирные изделия
- парфюмерия
- недвижимость
- одежда
Интернет-аукцион интернет-аукцион №1
мы ближе всех -
удобней от российских,
проще от иностранных
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Question:      I think, that NNN site is worth higher rating (should belong to the other subcategory). How can this be done?
Answer:   Try to send an e-mail with your argumentation for site rating (subcategory) revision to the Directory

Question:      We are organizing a conference, but we haven`t developed it's site (page) so far. Is it possible to place information on conference in the Medical Conferences section?
Answer:   No. The UKRMED Directory contains only links to online resources. But you can put anouncement about conference in the Announcements section.

Question:      NNN site is entirely updated for a month already. When will it be reflected in the UKRMED?
Answer:   This may take a lot of time. To make this process faster you should fill in a form for site updating, or send mail with proper information to the Directory

Question:      Why does the UKRMED Directory have no russian version? When will it be created?
Answer:   Never. There is no such necessity, as well as there is no necessity to create polish, german or any other language version.

Question:      Is the NNN company reliable enough?
Answer:   Administrators of UKRMED Directory can not take the responsibility to estimate the business activities of the companies listed in UKRMED.

Question:      What is the postal address (phone, email) of the NNN organization?
Answer:   We do not provide such information. You can seek for such data on organizations sites or through inquiry databases.

Question:      If we do not place UKRMED button/banner on our site, will it influence it`s rating value?
Answer:   It will not. Rating does not depend on this. Site rating definition criteria are listed here. By placing UKRMED button on your site you display your support of the UKRMED Directory. This is considered as a step of mutuality for popularization of your site. If button placing contradicts your site`s design/style you can place just a text link to us. Details...

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