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    Welcome to UKRMED, your guide to Ukrainian medical web sites. UKRMED Directory is a private, noncommercial project, created on the beginning of 1999 in order to collect, organize and help in searching medical sites and health related web resources in Ukrainian Internet. Later on, because of rapid evolution of Internet in Ukraine, structure and possibilities of the Directory on that time failed to satisfy more and more increasing demands. That is why at the beginning of 2001 UKRMED Directory has been restructured and new database of medical sites has been designed on its basis.

At this time UKRMED Directory contains all known to the authors sites of medical thematic, pertaining to Ukraine. Sites, that do not have direct relation to medicine and Ukraine are not registered in this Directory.

New version of UKRMED has considerably wider thematic structure with two levels of subcategories and possibility of further extension. You can also review sites according to medical specialization and regional distribution in Ukraine. The Directory has Ukrainian and English versions (descriptions of some sites without english content are given in Russian).

• For each site registered in the Directory short description, rating and language versions are given.
• By default sites in each subcategory are presented in order of rating decreasing. Users have the opportunity to sort sites in alphabetical order, according to the date of site updating record and rating in direct and indirect order.
• New section Announcements has been created. In this section one can publish short noncommercial announcements concerning medical sites news, medical events and medical life of Ukraine in general. This is especially convenient for medical organizations and companies, that do not have their own sites.
• For persons who want to be well-informed about the development of Ukrainian medical Internet, the mailing list "New addition to UKRMED Directory" is available. There you can find information about newly registered sites and considerable updatings of already registered sites. Recent additions to the Directory can as well be observed on the site in the New sites section.
• Site search system has been improved. More specific information about search peculiarities can be obtained here.

Structure of information about a site in the Directory
In order to propose a new site to this Directory or update information about already registered one, please use an appropriate form. If you have any proposals, remarks and comments please send them to .
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